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VIDEO: Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson make AEW debuts at All Out

If WWE fans weren’t already watching All Elite Wrestling consistently, they are probably going to want to start after the chaos at All Out on September 5, 2021.

On the same night that former WWE champion CM Punk made his return to the ring for the first time since 2014, AEW pulled out every stop imaginable to send their fanbase into a frenzy.

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Following the night’s main event, AEW champion Kenny Omega and his fellow members of The Elite celebrated Omega’s successful title defense against Christian Cage, and the subsequent beatdown of those who attempted to save Christian after the match.

Omega cut a promo elaborating on his greatness, explaining that anyone who is even close to his level is either not with the company, already retired, or, in a nod to a familiar face’s last appearance on The Elite’s YouTube show, “already dead.”

From there, the lights went out, and those in attendance were met with the welcome sights and sounds associated with the AEW debut of former NXT champion Adam Cole.

Just days after his WWE contract officially expired, Cole made his way to the center of AEW’s biggest stage, only to align himself with his former friends. He joined in on the beatdown of Cage and the Jurassic Express, before Omega tried to send the fans home “happy.”

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As Omega began to give his signature “adieu” to say good night, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan, now going by his real name/old ring name of Bryan Danielson, made his highly-anticipated AEW debut to ruin The Elite’s party.

The show ended with Danielson and company standing tall in the center of the ring, with The Elite left wondering what had gone wrong at the top of the ramp.

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With Punk, Cole, and Danielson now on the roster, combined with the sheer talent that the company possessed, it’s safe to say that AEW is here to stay as a major player in professional wrestling.

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