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Feeling old? 10 things to remember more than 10 years after UFC 100


Imagine if a UFC card could have Brock Lesnar, Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, Frank Mir, Dan Henderson, Michael Bisping and so much more? Oh wait, that happened exactly 10 years ago today when UFC 100 took the MMA world by storm.

UFC 100 was a historic card in so many ways, and really helped to propel the UFC from good to great for many fighting fans who were just getting into the sport.

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It’s shocking to think that the event is already a decade old, and so much has changed since it went live on pay-per-view back in the summer of 2010. There’s so much to dissect with the card as a whole, so it’s only fitting that on the event’s 10th anniversary, we take a look at 10 memorable tidbits to remember about the biggest night to that point in the UFC’s history.


10. Can you imagine a Jon Jones fight on the prelims? That’s exactly what fans got at UFC 100 as the UFC’s modern-day golden boy took down Jake O’Brien by submission in the second round. Safe to say things worked out for “Jonny Bones” in the end.

9. Before there was Jorge Masvidal’s insane flying knee against Ben Askren on a card in July, there was an absolute nuke delivered from Dan Henderson against Michael Bisping 10 years prior. Just like Masvidal’s extra punches on Askren were “super necessary,” Henderson gave Bisping his money’s worth with a flying fist after an already-brutal knockout blow.

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8. Georges St. Pierre put on one of the best performances of his career against Thiago Alves, dominating in a five-round, unanimous decision for his third consecutive successful welterweight title defense.

7. The main event of UFC 100 was actually supposed to go down two pay-per-views prior, as the heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir was moved from UFC 98 to UFC 100 after Mir suffered a knee injury during training. Mir’s knee was taped up during the fight, and didn’t do him any favors as the mammoth of a man that is Lesnar engulfed him for the majority of the fight.

6. It had been announced that the winner of the Dan Henderson-Michael Bisping bout would get a title shot against Anderson Silva, the middleweight champion at the time. Despite Henderson winning in impressive fashion, no title shot was ever in the cards between the two legends, and Henderson then left for Strikeforce.

5. Before there was Conor McGregor apologizing to absolutely nobody, or Nate Diaz letting everyone know he wasn’t surprised, Brock Lesnar delivered one of the great post-fight interviews you’ll ever see. Whether he was trashing on the UFC’s main sponsor by saying he’d be drinking Coors Light because Bud Light wasn’t paying him, or mentioned a horsehoe up a certain body part of Frank Mir, every piece of it was gold. He also mentioned a certain way he was going to celebrate after the win, but I’ll let you remember that part yourself…


4. UFC 100 featured many fighters who coached on The Ultimate Fighter, with Henderson and Bisping’s fight serving as the “Coaches Collide” bout for the card. Bisping coached twice on the show, while Henderson, Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir and Georges St. Pierre each coached for a season.

3. The much-anticipated heavyweight title fight between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir wasn’t actually the last fight of the night, with Jon Fitch picking up a win over Paulo Thiago in the (sort of) main event of UFC 100 due to the fight being on the chopping block for time constraints.


2. UFC 100 served as the peak for Brock Lesnar’s MMA career, with a successful title defense at Shane Carwin at UFC 116 serving as the current WWE superstar’s last win in the Octagon. Sure, you could count his victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 as a victory, but the record books don’t, and that’s what matters here.

1. The card held the company’s top spot when it came to highest grossing UFC pay-per-views, with a buyrate of 1.6 million. The incredible feat in the brand’s history lasted up until a little event called UFC 202 rolled around, featuring a main event between a few guys you may know: Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

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