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Red Sox are breaking the Internet with their “Dancing on My Own” celebrations

(AP Photo / Michael Dwyer)

Who knew the Boston Red Sox would be using a song about dancing by yourself in a club while watching your ex-boyfriend with another woman as their postseason anthem for the 2021 season?

Somehow, that’s exactly where the team finds itself in anticipation of an American League Championship Series battle with the Houston Astros.

After winning the AL Wild Card game against the New York Yankees, the team celebrated the big victory by blasting the Calum Scott and Tiesto version of Robyn’s hit song “Dancing on My Own” in the locker room.

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Players sprayed each other with beer and champagne and belted out the lyrics, and footage of the celebration spread on social media.

Fast forward to the end of the American League Division Series, and the franchise was celebrating their upset win over the top-seeded Tampa Bay Rays in similar fashion.

This time, FOX Sports caught the entire thing on camera.

Donning goggles and new postseason shirts (and, in Kiké Hernández’s case, going shirtless), the Red Sox dusted off their new playoff anthem and won over baseball fans around the country with their wholesome sing-along.

The song entered the conversation via catcher Kevin Plawecki, who utilized the chorus as his walk-up music throughout the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

According to an article from, Plawecki said it all came about as a joke towards former Red Sox first baseman Mitch Moreland, who didn’t care for the song in comparison to his beloved country music ahead of the shortened 2020 season.

The first time Plawecki used the song during a scrimmage, he launched a home run. As they say, the rest is history.

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“I’m always playing music on the speaker, on the bus and stuff,” Plawecki said. “Everybody’s like, ‘Play that one song.’ So I always play it. Everybody has just gone overboard now. I never would have thought everyone would sing it like that.”

Even Robyn herself was surprised to see the Red Sox enjoying the song as much as they do, tweeting out “Bonkers” in response to a video of the team’s celebration.

With two “Dancing on My Own” celebrations in the books, the Red Sox entered the ALCS needing eight wins to take home their second World Series title in the span of four seasons.

With such a loose and light-hearted bunch, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them do just that as October rolls along.

And, if the first few weeks of October baseball were any indication, the Red Sox will be ready to blast “Dancing on My Own” through their speakers if and when the time comes.

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