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What will the world look like when Patrick Mahomes’ 10-year extension with the Chiefs ends?


As Beyonce once said: If you like it, then you shoulda’ put a ring on it.

By the time 2020 ends, the Chiefs will have done just that in a few ways. The franchise will physically be able to hand out championship rings after winning Super Bowl LIV against the 49ers, and they’ll be able to say they locked down quarterback Patrick Mahomes for an additional 10 years on top of his initial rookie contract.

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Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Chiefs and Mahomes reached an agreement on a 10-year (yes, 10 years, as in a full decade) extension that will keep the Texas Tech University product under center through the 2031 season’s conclusion.

By the time the deal ends, the year will be 2032.

If you had asked someone living in the United States back on January 1, 2020 what the world would look like even six months from that point, they would’ve been wrong with however they answered.

They couldn’t have guessed that the country would be dealing with a global pandemic, a multi-month period without live sports, and question marks about if and when things will ever return back to normal.

So, it’s virtually impossible to guess what the world will look like when Mahomes’ deal officially runs out in February 2032. But, there are a few things we do know:


  • Patrick Mahomes will be 36 years old. That’s the same age Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers currently is, just five years older than Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s current age, and still younger than Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is at the time of this extension.
  • Mahomes will have just finished off his 15th season both in the league and with the Chiefs, matching his own jersey number.
  • The NFL, at its current pace, will have just wrapped up Super Bowl LXVI, which is Super Bowl 66 for those not able to even think about Roman numerals that high at this point.
  • There’s a good chance the Washington Redskins will have had a new name for at least a decade, and many young fans will not even be able to recall a time when that was the team’s nickname.
  • Speaking of Washington, D.C., the United States will have gone through three prior elections since the extension was signed, and will still be in the midst of an election year.
  • United States national teams will (hopefully) be preparing for the 2032 Summer Olympics, in a city that isn’t even on anyone’s radar yet.
  • Bronny James, son of LeBron James, will be 27 years old, and likely worrying about where he’s hoping to take his talents next in NBA Free Agency. Meanwhile, his father will be 47 years old, and (likely) out of the league for multiple years.

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  • Seattle’s new NHL team, if COVID-19 doesn’t impact the schedule, will have been in the league for a decade of its own.
  • If current timelines hold true, the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be completely wrapped up, considering Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said in 2014 that additional storylines are currently planned through 2028.
  • This article itself will be almost 12 years old.

Who knows what’s coming next at this point with everything that has happened over the first six months of 2020? But one thing is certain: Patrick Mahomes just got PAID.

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