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Recapping NBA Free Agency (so far) in tweets


The NBA Free Agency period is one of the most exciting times of the year in the sports world, and it hasn’t disappointed in its first two days yet. In the modern day world, Twitter has become a hub for news, live updates, and analysis on some of the biggest stories going on in sports, and it shows how just 140 characters (or less) can tell a story worth over $150 million. To prove it, here’s the first two days of NBA Free Agency recapped in a few tweets.

Al Horford signed with the Boston Celtics:

Kevin Durant has been courted in pitch meetings by some of the biggest teams in the league, but the Celtics pulled out the big guns. They signed Horford to go alongside Isaiah Thomas, and even brought in another huge star to convince the superstar: Tom Brady. It seems like this was a solid strategy, according to this almost five-year-old tweet:

The NBA has seen six of the seven biggest contracts in league history, blowing Tweeters’ minds who don’t understand the economy at all and how value changes over time:

The contracts also blew people’s minds for how they surpassed a modern-day superstar: Steph Curry. Some small-name role players will make more money next season than the Chef, including Timofey Mozgov and Evan Turner to name a few:

The contracts also left other sports stars jealous, and made some rethink their career choices:

And finally, Blake Griffin nailed it right on the head with this joke. Excuse me while I go change my legal name and update my resume…

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