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Letter from the Editor: The reboot


Hello everyone, and welcome back to the new and improved version of The Swing of Things!

About three years ago, this site served as an outlet for a staff of writers to consistently write about whatever was going on in the sports world, getting their thoughts out in their own space with no limitations.

As our lives evolved and our respective careers advanced, the site fell by the wayside. But, I always had the thought in the back of my head about bringing it back in the best way possible, providing a higher-quality version of The Swing of Things with more emphasis on deeper, long-form storytelling and in-depth content.

With that in mind, when the opportunity arose to bring back The Swing of Things this year, I dove in and went to work on a few ideas I’ve had in my head for months. As a result, we’ve got a lot coming your way for you to enjoy.

You know what they say, though: “New year, new you.” And, as you’ll read in our new story about the WNBA’s shoe game, “you look good, you feel good, you play good.” In this case, with a new focus comes a new logo, an updated site layout and a whole slew of fresh stories.

There will be a much wider variety throughout the site, mixing long-form features and quick-hitting reactions to big sports moments, and I promise to myself to put out content that we’ll be proud of.

As NBA free agency gets rolling, you’ll read all sorts of reactions to big signings, and thoughts about where the league is heading as a new era begins in the basketball world.

When the NFL season gets started, you’ll get a mix of in-depth analysis about what you’re seeing on and off the field, and you’ll see a lot of quick analysis to highlights and big plays or moments on Sundays.

The same goes for the NHL, MLB, WNBA, UFC, eSports, golf, anything you want. Nothing’s off limits, and I promise you’ll be happy with the end result.

For those who have been here from the start, thank you and hope you are happy with the new direction. For those who are here for the first time, feel free to take off your shoes, sit down, relax and just enjoy the ride. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter @SOTSports, and check us out on Facebook, as well.

Hope you enjoy,

Austin Bumpus

Founder and Editor of The Swing of Things

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