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Should David Ortiz Retire?

Our friends at the Beantown Blitz tackle the big debate in Boston this season: Should David Ortiz retire?

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The Beantown Blitz

By Christopher Frangolini

Should David Ortiz retire?

This is a question many Red Sox fans, media pundits and players themselves have been pondering.

The Red Sox fan answer has to be “no.” Why would he if he still producing? After all this David Ortiz still looks like the Big Papi that’s led the Sox to three World Series titles.

Even some reporters have begun to question if Ortiz should rethink retirement.

On more than one occasion, reporters have asked Ortiz the simple question, “Are you sure you want to retire?”

It’s a question that Ortiz should rethink.

At 41 years young, Ortiz is hitting .333%, which would be a career-best if he were to continue his dominance (he hit a career-best .332% in 2007). He has 11 homers and 41 RBIs through 41 games played and has 20 doubles. Over a 162 game span (assuming he played all 162), Ortiz would finish…

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