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Blackhawks Don’t Need a Crutch, They Have a Kane


I am going to give you until the end of this article to find reasons why Patrick Kane shouldn’t be considered one of the best players in the National Hockey League this season. Good luck, because it’s harder than you think.

Here is how Patrick Kane’s stats hold up so far this year, complete with NHL Rankings.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 9.55.08 AM

Kane has been lighting up the NHL in all terms of the word. He is dominating his competition on the ice, and just completed a 26-game point streak. Not one player in the NHL has been able to come close to that streak, although many have tried. Yes, I am looking at you David Krejci.

Kane also came into the season facing what could have been life-changing, and career-ending allegations of rape and sexual assault. When training camps opened up, it didn’t appear as if Kane would be able to play, as he was taken off of the practice squad so the team could work on skills as he worked on the allegations.

With the accusations proven to be false, the Blackhawks were able to turn their attention back to their $13.8 million right winger, and focus on the season that was going to prove to be tough, as they started with what any hockey fan would consider a slow start.

The Blackhawks have two major factors on their team that they need in order to put the rest of the puzzle together. The first is the scoring role of Patrick Kane. When one of your top players is averaging 24 goals, 42 assists and 67 points a season, you need him to be happy and healthy at all times. His points and goals will make the difference when it comes to close games and the playoffs.

The second weapon the Blackhawks have is Jonathan Toews. He is the leader on the team and his veteran presence will make a world of difference when the going gets tough. Granted his role in scoring isn’t as huge as Kane’s, but that isn’t his job.

Have you found a reason yet? No? Still looking? Good, let’s continue!

If Patrick Kane kept his current numbers up, and played until he was 45 years old, he would be on pace to put up a career with 669 goals total.

He is a four-time All Star and a Conn Smythe trophy winner. With three Stanley Cup Championships under his belt, he is always hungry for another, as is evident with the Blackhawks style of play.

Have we mentioned yet that he is only 27 years old? Yeah, that’s right. He is only 27 and probably has another eighteen years or so left in the NHL before retiring. If Jagr can play until he is 43-45, why can’t Kane? He can and he probably will.

Still can’t find a reason? Didn’t think so. I am not saying he is the best, but he is certainly one of the best in the NHL hands down. If you don’t think so, then you obviously haven’t watched any hockey this season. Kane is going to continue to light up the NHL for years to come, and it is a fact that we all have to get used to.

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