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Bruins Exceeding Early Expectations


Bruins fans, I’m not sure if you realize this yet, but this team is in a playoff race.

The past few weeks have been filled with much better hockey not only defensively, but all around. Today’s game against Florida was no exception. Ryan Spooner notched two goals and Brad Marchand netted one when Roberto Luongo was pulled with 1:40 to go and the Bruins won a 3-1 game that they needed to win. Florida has been playing great hockey as of late and until today, were tied with the Bruins in points (33).

Up until the third period, the Bruins were playing their classic style of hockey. They had great zone time, they were moving the puck around and they were completing passes with ease. When the third started, they played well, but the zone time took a serious shift as Florida put together two long zone time drives.

The best part of the game came when Boston started their first power play of the game. They spent 1:25 straight in the offensive zone performing a classic box out of Florida’s highly weak penalty kill. It was without a doubt the best power play that the Bruins have had all year. It was highly reminiscent of the 2011 team, if you catch my drift.

On the power play, Spooner netted his second goal of the game on a beautiful pass, swinging every bit of momentum in their favor. At that point the game was all Boston, all the time. The highlights are not up yet, but when they get there, watch the power play. It will amp you up no matter what.

Today’s game is just one of several highly entertaining games the Bruins have had of late. The Calgary game was by far the most entertaining, the Vancouver game showed that they are here to stay, the Montreal game was…..well…. a win in Montreal which I love every single time. Even in the Nashville game, which they had no business being in, they stayed competitive and almost pulled out a win.

I don’t care what you think, this team is making a playoff run in the near future and, like their Boston counterparts in the NBA, they are now becoming a team that is a force to be reckoned with. It only took a third of the year, but all the young players are starting to come together and find their roles, and the defensive core is working once again.

Not to mention, two weeks until the boys are back outdoors.

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