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AEW vs. WWE: Royal Rumble

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Back in November, I gave you my mock AEW vs. WWE Survivor Series card, and now it’s time to rumble!

My all time favorite WWE event is, in fact, the epic kickoff to the Road to Wrestlemania: the Royal Rumble. 30 men or women enter, one walks out the winner. It’s my favorite style match by far.

From the storylines which unfold within the match, to the excitement of counting down from 10 to 1 with each coming entrant, the electricity is off the charts!

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So what would it be like if 15 of AEW’s wrestlers took on 15 of WWE’s superstars in both a men’s and women’s match? What would the preliminary matches be like? Let’s get ready to…well you know the rest.

One caveat – I apologize if your favorite superstars aren’t in this mock rumble, I couldn’t get everyone and I wanted to keep it to the traditional 30 person format. Some injured wrestlers may appear below.

As Heath Ledger’s Joker would say – Here we go!

The Young Bucks vs. WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos

This is purely an exhibition as the Bucks aren’t champs at the moment. This is a match many people are clamoring to see unfold, and this is the opportunity for it. A banger of a contest to kick off this pay per view.

The Usos are heel right now, and so are the Bucks. The Bucks seem as though they are headed for a temporary or permanent face turn to take on Adam Cole and reDRagon at some point, so for the sake of this match, the Bucks will be the faces in the match’s storytelling. 

Talk about a “Superkick Party.” Both these teams love to throw them around. Early on in a high-flying attack fest, the match slows down and The Usos cut off the ring, leaving Matt Jackson to fend for himself for a while. Eventually Matt gets the hot tag to Nick, and we head towards the finish. After an electric series of moves, kicks, and big time moves, a Meltzer Driver on Jimmy Uso gives the Bucks the win to open the show.

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WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs. AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

This match is set up on an episode of Dynamite where the “Good Doctor” issues an open challenge to any WWE Women’s Champion. Charlotte Flair comes out and accepts, taking out Jamie Hayter and Rebel in the process. 

The match itself has Flair as the face and Baker as the heel, and is a good back-and-forth contest at the start. Britt goes for the Lockjaw several times, but Flair always finds a reversal. Flair finds a new wave and goes in on Baker while fired up. Hayter and Rebel attempt to interfere. Rebel distracts the ref while on the apron, and Hayter throws the Women’s Championship in the ring to Baker. Baker grabs the belt, goes to hit Charlotte (who ducks it), and Britt turns around into a big boot. Charlotte locks in the Figure Four, Britt reaches her hand out to Jamie Hayter to help get to the ropes, but Charlotte pulls her further back into the ring and Britt taps.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Entrant 1 – Sasha Banks

Entrant 2 – Thunder Rosa

The match kicks off with two of the most beloved women’s wrestlers from each company. The two don’t waste any time getting into it, shaking hands and then locking up. Both get an upper hand at one point with a look and a nod of approval from the other.

Entrant 3 – Naomi

Feel the glow as Naomi comes in and knocks down both Banks and Rosa to fire the crowd up.

Entrant 4 – Penelope Ford

The first heel of the match comes in and adds to the action.

Entrant 5 – Serena Deeb

Entrant 6 – Bayley

A returning Bayley actually comes out here as OG Bayley with the top pony tail and arm tassels, complete with wacky arm waving inflatable tube man. The crowd goes nuts. Bayley makes her way to the ring and hits a few moves of offense before locking eyes with Banks. They smile and hug and Bayley eliminates Penelope Ford.

Entrant 7 – Mercedes Martinez

Entrant 8 – Hikaru Shida

Shida comes in and goes straight for Deeb. Shida is no nonsense and eliminates Deeb. Even after being eliminated, Shida slides under the bottom rope and continues the attack on Deeb, with the referees trying to force her to stop.

Entrant 9 – Red Velvet

Velvet comes in as Shida continues wrecking Deeb on the outside. Shida finally gives in and returns to the ring.

Entrant 10 – Doudrop

Doudrop makes a difference immediately upon arrival, eliminating Naomi. Martinez faces off with Doudrop and they separate themselves into a brief one-on-one showdown, with neither wrestler getting eliminated quite yet. 

Entrant 11 – Anna Jay

Mercedes Martinez eliminates Red Velvet shortly after Anna Jay makes her way to the ring.

Entrant 12 – Asuka

Asuka comes in and the crowd pops. Her grand return sees her dealing out brutal offense and has a nice moment squaring off with Shida. Martinez breaks it up before anything can happen.

Entrant 13 – Queen Zelina

Shida and Asuka team up to eliminate Martinez.

Entrant 14 – Jamie Hayter

Hayter comes in and eliminates Anna Jay.

Entrant 15 – Riho

Riho arrives and drives Jamie Hayter into a frenzy with the fact Hayter can’t dominate her after Hayter tries to intimidate Riho with her size. 

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Entrant 16 – Nikki A.S.H.

Entrant 17 – Shotzi

Jamie Hayter finally gets Riho up here, and goes to powerbomb Riho out of the ring. Riho turns it into an armbar over the top rope, and after a struggle is able to flip Hayter out.

Entrant 18 – Natalya

Entrant 19 – Jade Cargill

Cargill enters like a house on fire and eliminates Shotzi, Hikaru Shida, and after a brief confrontation, Doudrop. Sasha Banks and Bayley try to team up but Cargill fights them off.

Entrant 20 – Alexa Bliss

Like Bayley before, Bliss comes out with her older gimmick and drops the Firefly Funhouse character. Bliss comes in delivering offense and screaming “I’m back!”

Entrant 21 – Rhea Ripley

Ripley delivers shots to all and then squares off with Jade Cargill. The women start exchanging punches before Riho steps up to them. They look at each other and laugh and then Riho starts hitting moves on them including a double DDT. Riho pops up and smiles.

Entrant 22 – Liv Morgan

Thunder Rosa and Rhea Ripley go at it, with Ripley eventually tossing Rosa out of the rumble.

Entrant 23 – Tay Conti

Entrant 24 – Kris Statlander

Nikki A.S.H. is eliminated by Natalya

Entrant 25 – The Bunny

Alexa Bliss eliminates Queen Zelina

Entrant 26 – Nyla Rose

Nyla comes in and dominates early, eliminating Natalya. Then Nyla looks around and sees Rhea Ripley, and they exchange blows.

Entrant 27 – Carmella

Carmella hops in the ring and immediately pulls the old Road Dogg from Royal Rumble 2000 move and lays under the bottom rope while hugging it.

Entrant 28 – Bianca Belair

Crowd goes nuts as Belair enters and dominates everyone. Beliar eliminates Tay Conti.

Entrant 29 – Ruby Soho

Crowd sings along with Ruby’s song as she comes in. Ruby gets an instant elimination by scooping up a charging Bunny and sending her out. 

Entrant 30 – Becky Lynch

Yes, the Raw Women’s Champion enters the Rumble with so much swagger and arrogance. She takes her time to get to the ring, and as she approaches the apron, Rhea Ripley and Kris Statlander are both halfway over trying to eliminate each other. Lynch casually pulls them both over the top rope, eliminating the two superstars. 

Left in the ring at this point are Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka, Riho, Jade Cargill, Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Nyla Rose, Carmella (still hugging the bottom rope no matter who kicks her while passing her), Bianca Belair, Ruby Soho, and Becky Lynch.

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Liv Morgan goes after Lynch, but Lynch moves out of the way of a running attack and Morgan hits Cargill, who fires back up and eliminates Morgan.

Nyla Rose is facing off with Banks and Bayley, who manage to get Rose teetering over the top rope. Lynch runs over and helps the women eliminate Rose and tries to get all buddy buddy with her former rivals/partners. Banks and Bayley pretend they are going to show a sign of partnership but then both knock down Lynch. Sasha and Bayley go to separate when Banks grabs Bayley and throws her over the top rope. Bayley looks stunned but has a smile from the outside, and Banks shrugs.

Asuka and Riho square off and decide to take each other on. Riho goes to bounce off the ropes where she’s scooped up by Cargill and sent over the top.

Ruby Soho goes after Cargill, who fights her off. Asuka runs at Cargill, who fights her off. Ruby and Asuka go after Cargill together and Cargill reverses them both over the top rope onto the apron. Asuka and Ruby realize the situation after fighting off Cargill with a few punches, and decide to try and eliminate each other. Carmella picks her spot and knocks them both off the apron, eliminating both women. Carmella taunts like crazy and then Banks sends her over the top rope.

Five women remain. Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Jade Cargill, Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch.

Cargill, being the most formidable opponent left in the ring, and the only AEW star, notices the other four women start to team up. They attack her, but Cargill does a good job at keeping them all off of her at one time. Cargill is able to eliminate Alexa Bliss.

Final Four: Sasha Banks, Jade Cargill, Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch.

Lynch starts barking out orders to “get her!” Belair and Banks give her a death stare and Lynch eggs on. “I’m the Raw Women’s Champion! Go get her!” Banks and Belair then double-team Lynch. Belair KOD’s her over the top rope.

Belair and Banks now team up and go after Cargill. Cargill fights them off and even flips Banks over the top rope onto the apron. Belair feels she has a clear shot to clothesline Cargill over, but Cargill ducks and Belair runs full steam ahead into Sasha knocking her off the apron, eliminating her.

We are down to Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill. Both women hit their finishers on the other. First Cargill hits Jaded, then Belair hits the K.O.D. It’s a war of attrition at this point, but the match is won when Belair uses all her might to deadlift Cargill over the top rope after a second K.O.D.

Winner – Bianca Belair

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Kenny Omega

If you read my AEW vs. WWE Survivor Series post, you’ll know this is my number one dream match in wrestling right now.

Since AEW’s champion will be in action later on against the WWE Champion, Roman Reigns needs an opponent, so he’s getting none other than Kenny Omega.

The match kicks off with Reigns powdering (leaving the ring to avoid the action) several times to regroup after Omega’s brutal offense. 

The crowd is amped as Reigns finally gets back in the ring and starts to exchange blows with The Cleaner. Both men hit hard and finally settle into the groove of the match with both stars exchanging momentum.

Omega hits a brutal V-Trigger knee while Reigns is laying in the ropes. Reigns recovers and goes for a spear, but eats a kick and Omega goes for a One-Winged Angel.

Reigns hops down and goes out of the ring again. Omega has the clear momentum when The Usos head down to the ring, walking slowly, but making their presence felt. The Bucks immediately head down to the ring to even the odds. None of the external parties get involved right away.

Omega keeps the momentum and blasts Reigns with several more V-Triggers, and when he goes to set up the One-Winged Angel, he hits it! Jey Uso pulls the ref out of the ring at the two count. The Bucks and Usos go at it on the outside, giving Reigns enough time to recover. Omega turns around into a Superman punch, and Reigns gets pumped up in the corner, and hits the spear. One, two – kick out! Omega kicks out of the spear. 

Reigns goes for another spear, but Omega moves out of the way, sending Reigns into the post shoulder first. As Reigns backs up, Omega lifts him onto his shoulder and hits the One-Winged Angel. One, two – kick out!

Omega is shocked. Omega shoots up and Reigns is dead weight. He attempts to pick Reigns up again, and Reigns shocks him with a roll-up. Omega kicks out at two. Reigns pops up with a Superman punch. He covers Omega, who kicks out at two.

Reigns marches over to the corner determined. Reigns goes for another spear and eats a V-Trigger. Both men laid out. Crowd at their feet. Both men get up and bump foreheads. After a few Irish whip counters, Reigns hits a spear. Shoots back up, and hits another. 1-2-3. Reigns wins.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar vs. AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page

“Hangman” is the clear underdog in this fight, but it’s “Cowboy sh*t” to not back down from a fight. Lesnar starts early and often with German suplexes to Page, and even gets to double digits as the crowd, already wearing their counting shoes from the Rumble, counts along with each throw. 

Page fights back after yet another German suplex sends him under the bottom rope to the outside. The first move Page hits in the whole match is a Buckshot Lariat after Lesnar takes one second too long gloating. Lesnar pops up, but staggers a bit and laughs. More of an “alright, you want to fight? Let’s fight.” kind of laugh. 

Page gets in some more offense and dodges everything Lesnar is trying to throw at him. Eventually Lesnar catches him in the stomach with a knee, and lifts Page up for an F-5. Page lands on his feet and actually lifts Lesnar into a Dead Eye. He goes for the cover and gets a one and a half. 

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Page immediately heads to the apron and sets up for another Buckshot Lariat. He flips over the rope and nails Lesnar. One, two – kickout. Paul Heyman, who accompanied Lesnar to the ring, is freaking out. Page gears up for a third Buckshot, but is scooped up by Lesnar and gets hit with an F-5. One, two – kickout! Lesnar is angry, picks Page up, delivers another F-5, and gets the three count.

30 Man Royal Rumble

Entrant 1 – Seth Rollins

Entrant 2 – Jon Moxley

Here we go! A Shield start to the Rumble. The fans will eat it up. Rollins tries to mend fences and says they should work together. Mox attacks.

Entrant 3 – Dolph Ziggler

Entrant 4 – Sammy Guevara

Entrant 5 – Darby Allin

So far, we’ve got the ring building up. Allin comes in like a ball of fire, just destroying the other men in the ring except for Moxley.

Entrant 6 – Kofi Kingston

Entrant 7 – Finn Balor

Balor enters and still no eliminations. Everyone is holding strong in the ring.

Entrant 8 – AJ Styles

Styles comes in and immediately delivers a Phenomenal Forearm to Ziggler before throwing him out.

Entrant 9 – Max Caster

Caster comes down to the ring with a rap. I won’t try to add one here. He takes the full minute and a half before he gets in the ring.

Entrant 10 – Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy is flanked by Luchasaurus.

Entrant 11 – Big E

Crowd pops hugely as Big E comes in and teams up with Kofi. 

Entrant 12 – Bryan Danielson

Danielson’s big return to facing WWE stars starts with a square-off with Rollins, followed by former Wrestlemania opponent Kofi Kingston.

Entrant 13 – MJF

Entrant 14 – Bobby Lashley

Lashley comes in and eliminates Big E, but Big E remains around the ring.

Entrant 15 – Chris Jericho

Jericho comes in and clotheslines both Jungle Boy and Kofi Kingston over the top rope and onto the apron. Jericho goes to eliminate them both, but both Jungle Boy and Kofi jump onto the shoulders of Luchasaurus and Big E respectively. This turns into a teased chicken fight when MJF slides under the ring and knocks them both over, scoring the double elimination.

Entrant 16 – Drew McIntyre

Sammy Guevara gets eliminated by Seth Rollins.

Entrant 17 – Hook

The crowd loses it as Hook enters at 17. He comes in throwing suplexes and the crowd eats it up. Hook even scores an elimination by suplexing Max Caster out of the ring.

Entrant 18 – Shinsuke Nakamura

At this point, Seth Rollins eliminates Jon Moxley. Moxley is furious and comes in and destroys Rollins, eliminating him in the process. Moxley storms off into the crowd.

Entrant 19 – Cody Rhodes

The crowd is HOT as the boo’s reign down on Rhodes, who doesn’t care and hits the ring.

Entrant 20 – Orange Cassidy

Shinsuke Nakamura eliminates Bobby Lashley.

Entrant 21 – Adam Cole (Bay Bay)

Cole enters like a tornado and faces off with Finn Balor. They go back and forth when Balor lands on the apron, and Cole superkicks Balor onto the floor and out of the match.

Entrant 22 – Rey Fenix

Fenix also comes and starts dazzling the crowd with his high-flying abilities, including a hurricanrana of Drew McIntyre out of the match.

Entrant 23 – Ricochet

Ricochet and Fenix, two former Lucha Underground stars, face off and do some crazy high-flying indy wrestling wonderment. After the dazzling display, Ricochet is grabbed by Danielson, and Fenix by MJF, and both men are eliminated.

Entrant 24 – Edge

Edge comes in hot. Spears for everyone!

Entrant 25 – CM Punk

Here it is, the moment a lot of fans waited for. Punk hits the ring and starts off by eliminating MJF via GTS and a throw over.

Entrant 26 – Kevin Owens

Owens and Cole face off and the crowd loses their minds for the former Ring of Honor stable mates.

AJ Styles eliminates Shinsuke Nakamura.

Entrant 27 – Randy Orton

Orton RKO’s everyone in sight except for Orange Cassidy. Orton eliminates Darby Allin.

Entrant 28 – Malachi Black

Black comes in and spits mist into the eyes of Edge, and hits him with the Black Mass. Black dumps Edge out.

Entrant 29 – The Miz

Entrant 30 – John Cena

Yes, star of the hit show Peacemaker on HBO and former 16-time WWE Champion John Cena gets the number 30 spot.

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Left in the ring are AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, Hook, Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy, Adam Cole, CM Punk, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Malachi Black, The Miz, John Cena.

Orange Cassidy pulls an upset elimination on Randy Orton, leaving Orton stunned.

Speaking of stunned, Kevin Owens hits Adam Cole with a stunner and eliminates him.

Owens then turns to Chris Jericho for a face-off. Crowd is loving it. They touch fingertips, calling back their Creation of Adam reference from their rivalry. Jericho hits Owens with the Judas Effect and sends him out.

Hook eliminates The Miz.

Cody Rhodes eliminates Orange Cassidy.

John Cena eliminates Cody Rhodes, and the crowd goes nuts.

CM Punk eliminates Malachi Black.

Bryan Danielson eliminates Chris Jericho.

Hook eliminates John Cena.

The final four are AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, Hook, and CM Punk.

Styles faces off with Punk and Danielson, and the ROH reunion is in full swing. The three men exchange blows. 

CM Punk eliminates Bryan Danielson. AJ Styles eliminates Hook.

AJ Styles eliminates CM Punk.

AJ Styles wins! Yes folks, this is the return of dominant and future Hall of Famer AJ Styles.

Hope you enjoyed my fan fiction, maybe one day a smidgen of it can come true!

Who do you think would win in an AEW vs. WWE version of the Royal Rumble? Let us know by following @SOTSports on Twitter or by liking our Facebook page!

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