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Why the UFC/Brock Lesnar deal is perfect

First things first, this UFC 200 promo video is one of the best I’ve ever seen. This alone should get you interested in buying the pay-per-view. For now, we’re going to discuss the last five seconds.

At UFC 199, it was confirmed that Brock Lesnar will be returning to the world of MMA for a fight at UFC 200. Lesnar has blatantly said in the last few years that he would love to come back to the company, and that he felt “robbed” by his struggles with diverticulitis towards the end of his first UFC run.

The deal comes at a weird time in Lesnar’s career, as he is currently under contract with the WWE, and has been performing for the company for the last four years. After signing a long-term, lucrative deal with the WWE last April, many felt Lesnar would never return to fighting. However, Lesnar reportedly added a clause to his contract this past March or April before the WWE’s biggest event, Wrestlemania, that would allow him the chance to take a fight with the UFC. The WWE didn’t want to risk losing one of their biggest names, and caved.

The deal is perfect for almost everyone involved. The UFC was struggling a bit after losing/kicking out Conor McGregor from the UFC 200 card after a weird sequence of events on social media a few months ago. They quickly replaced the fight with a huge matchup between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight title. Even then, you could still tell the card was missing that star power that’s needed for the most important event in the company’s history. In comes Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar has been jonesing to fight in the UFC again, and this deal gives him the chance to still make as much money as he can with the WWE with minimal appearances, while also making a big payday with the UFC on the company’s biggest card in history. It will bring back nostalgia to his fight at UFC 100 against Frank Mir, and will create so much hype around the event that his fight alone will get butts in the seats and fans to buy the pay-per-view.

And for those questioning Lesnar’s physical ability after being out of the game for almost five years, he is arguably in the best shape of his life. Any WWE fan could tell you that Lesnar is currently HUGE. Even bigger, in fact, than his last UFC run, which is scary. Many will say the WWE world is a lot different than the Octagon, and it is, but Lesnar has been waiting for this moment for five years, and has been training for it for this whole time.The deal will be the perfect balance for everyone involved, and Lesnar will go back to the WWE ring right after he gets his fix in the Octagon.

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