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‘Hard Knocks: Los Angeles’ Episode 5 synopsis/review: Chargers, Rams finish off HBO’s most unique season yet

After one of the most unique seasons of “Hard Knocks” ever put together, the Chargers and Rams closed the book on their five-week journey on September 8 and officially kicked off the NFL’s opening week in the process.

‘Hard Knocks: Los Angeles’ Episode 1 synopsis/review: Chargers, Rams battle COVID-19 protocols in season premiere

Despite the question marks throughout the offseason about the state of the 2020 NFL season, “Hard Knocks” has officially returned to football fans’ television screens to start the series’ most unique summer to date.

Touchdowns and turkeys: Former NFL players explain how it feels to play in league’s Thanksgiving Day games

While many have experienced Thanksgiving Day games from the comfort of their couches on their big-screen TVs, others have watched those games land on their team’s schedule as a player in the league, spending their holiday on the field with the country’s eyes focused on them.